Rules & work ethics


In order to get a tattoo, you have to make an appointment. The best way to do this is to come to the studio. If you live abroad you can make an appointment via e-mail info@danistattoo.lt. We don’t make appointments over the phone. Normally, we do not accept walk-ins either.

Before making an appointment you have to know what kind of tattoo you want to get. It is always helpful if you have a photo reference. If you can’t find a photo reference, we are there to help you; artists will draw you a sketch. To make an appointment, a cash deposit is required. The deposit is 50 €. If you are registering via e-mail, you can transfer the deposit to our bank account. The deposit amount will be included in the total price. If you have to cancel an appointment please notify us in advance. You can move appointment; we require a minimum of a 1-day notice. If you do not show up without preliminary notification, you will loose your deposit.

Normally we are overbooked, so please be patient. We have a waiting list in our studio, so you can always leave your contact information on it. If a spot opens up, we will call you.

Work ethics

  • We will not tattoo or do any piercings to drunk, intoxicated people or people who have health issues.
  • You must be over 18 to get a tattoo. No exceptions.
  • Our artists do not tattoo genitals, palms, feet or eyelids.
  • In our studio we also do not do permanent make-up, we can always do a cover-up to old tattoo.
  • Artists can refuse to tattoo a person without explanation.
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