Daniel’s biography


My name is Danielius Djačkovas, but everybody calls me Danis, which is why my studio is called “DanisTattoo.”

I believe tattoos can provide a spiritual benefit to the people who get them. Art is charged with the energy of the artist. A positive artist can positively affect his subjects.

I was born February 12, 1982, in Klaipėda. My mother Eugeniya is a hairdresser and the biggest fan of my work. My father was an artist and a philosopher when I was young. Later, he became a sailor. All my artistic education came from him; he was the first teacher to motivate and criticize me, when necessary.

Art, especially drawing, always has been a part of my life. I used to draw on every surface, all the time. One could say I lived in my own world and my drawings were a window to that world.

The first institution where I studied fine art was the Klaipėda Children’s Art School. When I was fourteen I studied at the Klaipėda Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts.

In 1998, encouraged by my mother, I developed an interest in tattooing. It was difficult at first, but strong desire and internal motivation kept me going. After half a year I started getting good results, but there was still much more to learn.

After graduating from the Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts, I joined the Vilnius Academy of Art in the Metal Plastic Department at the Telsiai Faculty. While studying, I gained useful theoretical and practical knowledge and became fascinated by jewelry-making and smithing.
In my spare time I practiced tattooing. A biomechanical tattoo style was my favorite at the time. The Swiss-based H.R. Giger was my idol and the monsters he created, such as the one in the “Alien” movie, inspired me.

After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2004, I moved back to Klaipėda and devoted myself to tattooing. I rented rooms at hairdressing salons, but in 2006 I opened a tattoo shop with my colleague Timūras. We called it simply, “Tattoo Shop.”
Timūras moved to Sweden with his family in 2009 and I decided to rename the studio, “DanisTattoo.” Justas and Natalija joined me as my new colleagues. Justas tattooed and Natalija was an administrator and a piercing artist.

In 2010, I went to India for the first time. During the trip, I learned about Eastern culture and philosophy and it affected my work. I realized that while tattooing, I was charging tattoos with energy. Since then I refuse to work with negative images.

“DanisTattoo” is facing a new era. We have a larger creative space and a new, bigger team of talented people, but that also means greater responsibility.
I love my job and I respect my clients.

May God be with me in everything I do.

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